Our Food


Ewa Agoyin

Moin Moin

Fried Rice

Assorted Meat


Efo Elegusi with Pounded Yam


  • Chin-Chin (T)
  • Akara (T)
  • Puff-Puff (T)
  • Meat Pie (T)
  • Fish Roll (T)
  • Sausage Roll (T)
  • Corn Nuggets (T)
  • African Salad (T)
  • Suya (T)


  • Dodo (T)
  • Jollof Rice (T,C)
  • Fried Rice (T,C)
  • Waache with Sheto (T)
  • Ewa Agoyin with Ata (T)
  • Asaro (T,C)
  • Moin-Moin (T)

Meats, Fish, and Poultry

  • Cow Meat (T,1/2)
  • Goat Meat (T,1/2)
  • Chicken (T)
  • Fresh Fish (T)
  • Fish (T)

Soups and Stews

  • Pepper Soup (T,C)
  • Gbegiri (T)
  • Ata Ofada with White Rice (T,1/2)
  • Efo Riro (T,1/2)
  • Efo Elegusi (T,1/2)

Please keep in mind (T) stands for tray, (C) stands for cooler, and (1/2) stands for half tray.